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Sharing our food heritage with you

About Us

About Us

Almondine Fig was born out of our passion for food as both, I and my husband, come from families with strong food backgrounds, where food plays a central role in keeping our family together. Although both of us grew up in different countries with diverse cuisines, as our life took us to various places, we embraced the essence of food that every place and every corresponding culture offered to us that molded and enriched our passion for food. Our passion for food also led us to running a catering business on the side although we have full time jobs. We have catered for many functions, big and small, and truly enjoyed sharing our love for food with people.

We decided to name the blog “Almondine Fig” because I have a soft spot for anything French since I fell in love with Paris in 2018 and my husband is a huge fan of figs. I came across Almondine while doing my research and fell absolutely in love with it. 

“Almondine actually spelt as “Amandine” is a culinary term for a type of garnish of almonds.”

As the entire world slowed down due to the current pandemic situation, it gave us one more opportunity to reconnect with food and utilise the time to slow down and rekindle the ritual of connecting with family members while sitting down to eat together. A dining time in our home is not only a time to eat, but also a time to really connect with ourselves, and each other, check in with ourselves and one another, and be grateful for life acknowledging the privilege to sit down with our loved ones & enjoy a meal together. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, we all look forward to it as it is also a chance for us to pause the everyday rush and cherish the essence of being.

In the same way, we hope Almondine Fig is able to help you reconnect with the true essence of food, revive old memories as well as create new beautiful memories associated with food. Sharing our family’s heritage recipes and food stories with you, we hope Almondine Fig reminds you to reconnect with the wholesome experience of food & dining too. 


Helena & Italo.


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