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Almond Cake Story

Almond Cake Story

Many years ago, we were having guests over for dinner. I would have been about 12. When I say guests, it was my grandmother and my Auntie Ann-Marie and my Uncle Rune coming over for dinner.  

The kitchen in our house was my Mum’s domain, she was always there cooking something. This particular day she had been working in her daytime job, and as my Mum was pretty organised she had prepared all the food beforehand, so when she came home that night all she had to do was to heat everything up and everything was ready.

This included the Almond cake, she had never done this before. The cake is so simple I guess there really isn’t any need for it, however, this time she had made the cake the day before, and she said to herself, “If I put it in the oven when we are having dinner then after, when we are having coffee they think I have just made it and they will be so impressed with me”. This was a really good thought in theory, but not so much in practice.

When it was time for coffee my Aunt took the plate with the cake, however, when she was trying to cut a piece the knife was bending. My Mum got impatient and took the cake away from my Aunt thinking she was behaving a little bit silly, to her surprise my Mum had the same problem as my Aunt. My Dad never cooked much but he was always on hand for carving and other tasks. My dad took the cake to the kitchen and in a little while they could hear him banging in the kitchen, with a meat cleaver and chisel. After about 15 minutes he had some loose pieces for everyone.

My Mum was devastated, by reheating the cake, the sugar had turned to toffee. My Grandmother said if you dip the cake in your coffee, then you can suck off the soft parts of the cake.

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