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Sharing our food heritage with you

Elizabeth Liz Bos

Elizabeth Liz Bos


For May Food profile, we met up with Elizabeth Liz Bos who has a long and colorful background in food. For Liz, the love of food started as a young child where her immediate and extended family helped her connect with food. Later in life, she owned and ran a successful restaurant in Arbroath, Scotland, serving local delicacies and sneaking in a few Aussie delights.

She also sailed on yachts in the Galapagos Islands and cooked for the zoologists and the passengers, as well as working with Jamie Oliver, preparing and providing props and goodies for his television and stage shows. Liz has also worked on numerous food styling shoots for commercials and cook books. 

Elizabeth Liz bos P2

Following is our short conversation with Liz.


What ignited your interested in food in the first place?

Both my grandmothers taught me how to cook. My Mum’s mother even worked for Paul Lynch from Lynch’s restaurant. I feel that both my grandmothers taught me the basics of cooking which created a strong interest in food. This interest sparked was so strong I went to university and did a double degree in dietetics and food services.


How big of a part does food play in your life?

My parents took us out to many different restaurants from an early age. By the age of 3, I could eat with chopsticks. This laid the foundation and created a real love for food. Even today, my whole life revolves around food. Eating, cooking and sharing food with family and friends. 


What is your most memorable food experience?

Having dinner at “The Fat Duck”. That night I had a 12-course meal. Every dish had its own story. The theme of the night was “Alice in Wonderland”. You had to go through a rabbit hole to enter the restaurant. For one of the courses there was the “Mad Hatters Tea Party” and I was given a glass teapot that you put a gold coin in. The content turned into a beautiful ‘consume’ to pour over my dish. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience. 


What is your biggest food disaster? What did you learn from it?

Many years ago I was teaching 130 kids to cook. The kids were watching me from all angles. There were even mirrors in the ceiling. I had nearly finished the dish and I was about to season the dish with black with pepper. As I turned the pepper shaker over the lid came loose and black pepper went all over the food. Everyone could see what happened. There was no coming back from this.


 I did learn from this disaster to always check the lid before seasoning!

  Elizabeth liz Bos P1


If you could cook any dish, what would you cook?

I would cook Spaghetti Marinara. I learned to cook this dish in Venice. I had booked a course at the luxury hotel called the “Gritti Palace”. There I fell in love with the tomatoes and garlic which are the two main flavours of a good spaghetti Marinara as well as exquisite seafood of course.


What’s your favorite cuisine?

My favorite cuisine is Italian. During my childhood my parents took us out to many different places. I grew up in Adelaide and one of the restaurants my parents took me to was an Italian restaurant called the “Copper Kettle”. There I experienced the Italian flavours for the first time and I learned that spaghetti does not come from a tin.


What are the three dishes people must try in their lives?

Pho Vietnamese soup is a melting of flavors of vegetables and noodles. Second, Crayfish sandwich on a thick slice of white bread with mayonnaise, lemon and cracked black pepper. And thirdly, chocolate souffle.


If you had a message to the world and you had to say it with food. What would you cook?

I would cook roast beef with all the trimmings. Made with love to share this with your family and friends.


What is your favorite ice cream?

Pistachio ice cream


Last question, what is your favorite recipe?

Passion fruit souffle’. This souffle is decadent, different and delicious.


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