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Sharing our food heritage with you

Greg Turner | La-Paella

Greg Turner | La-Paella

We always wanted Almondine Fig to be much more than where people just came for recipes. We wanted to incorporate all the stories of food, and people associated with it. So we thought to have a food profile section in our blog where we will interview people and publish monthly food profiles.

We are hoping to achieve three major things from this – connect with more food enthusiasts, build a bigger food community, and learn from each other.

For our first Food Profile, we met up with renowned Chef Gregory Turner who owns La-paella, a Latin American cuisine restaurant in Richmond, Victoria since 1979.

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  1. What made you interested in food in the first place?

I would have to say it was Argo Inn a restaurant in South Yarra. I remember we went there after finishing school. I loved the vibe, the environment, loved the interaction with people. I think that’s when I realised food and hospitality is my passion.

  1. What is your most memorable food experience?

Spanisha omelette on my first trip to Spain (Singapore – Denmark – Madrid). I remember getting off the plane and travelling 4 ½ hours  to Valernan. Then, we had an eggy     dish – Spanish omelette that was amazing!

  1. What is your biggest food disaster?

I have two actually. One in Timor with Curried Chicken & Rice. The other was in Manila – Not sure what I was eating

  1. If you could cook any dish. What would you cook?

 A perfect paella – Would always  like to improve on it. I came across paella in 1986 and since then I am this journey to improve my every next paella.

  1. Who is your biggest food idol?

 Anthony Bourdain ( American Chef/Author/journalist) – everywhere he has visited in Asia I have been too, so that got me thinking that we could easily  share a drunken night or two together!

  1. If you had a message to the world and you had to say it with food. What would you cook?

Definitely with a Paella. It passes a message of passion and togetherness for me. It’s meant to be shared so it sort of brings people together which is exactly what I want to do with Paella.

  1. What is your favorite ice cream?

Pandan coconut. It’s everything that coconut should be.

Love paellas? Don’t forget to follow La-Paella on instagram!

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